DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2020-11-25 05:55fix nativecomp emacs cannot be used normally (#225)Makima02+3-0
2020-11-10 15:39Set `telega-tdlib-max-version' to TDLib 1.6.9Zajcev Evgeny1+2-1
2020-11-01 16:49Merge pull request #221 from BlindingDark/version-compareZajcev Evgeny2+6-6
2020-10-30 21:46Merge pull request #220 from jaor/patch-2Zajcev Evgeny2+9-2
2020-10-29 10:37[enh], more notable link to documentationZajcev Evgeny1+5-0
2020-10-27 15:31[fix] Do not fail on first `C-c C-a sticker RET'Zajcev Evgeny1+2-1
2020-10-22 15:14[fix] For long standing image shifting bugZajcev Evgeny1+3-3
2020-10-15 08:30Merge pull request #213 from toure00/i18n-zhZajcev Evgeny1+398-0
2020-10-14 19:46Support for opening files using external applicationsZajcev Evgeny12+227-414
2020-10-14 11:41[fix] Correctly check darwin `system-type'Zajcev Evgeny2+20-15
2020-10-12 22:00Use `rx' in Emacs26 compatible fashionZajcev Evgeny2+10-8
2020-10-09 20:46- Fixed link to #attaching-media in contrib/telega-mnz.elZajcev Evgeny3+54-53
2020-10-09 20:39Make contrib/telega-mnz.el work againZajcev Evgeny6+406-284
2020-10-09 09:22Defvar `tracking-buffers' with nilZajcev Evgeny2+2-2
2020-10-09 06:54fixes #211Zajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2020-10-08 13:31Support for TDLib 1.6.9Zajcev Evgeny40+4609-1467
2020-10-07 20:39Merge pull request #210 from sarg/masterZajcev Evgeny1+13-7
2020-10-06 12:04[fix] Always remove chatbuf from tracking on 0 unread messagesZajcev Evgeny1+3-3
2020-09-22 00:43docs/index.html favicon addedZajcev Evgeny1+432-97
2020-09-21 18:47docs/index.html: HTML manual updatedZajcev Evgeny1+957-195
2020-09-19 02:26[fix] Formatting for `telega-chat-use-markdown-version'Zajcev Evgeny1+42-67
2020-09-19 02:15Testing documentation as docs/index.htmlZajcev Evgeny1+1623-0
2020-09-03 15:06Merge pull request #202 from omar-polo/masterZajcev Evgeny2+5-3
2020-08-14 16:50[enh] Possible recenter on point refresh in chatbufZajcev Evgeny1+9-1
2020-08-11 22:07[enh] doc/ -> docs/ to support GitHub pagesZajcev Evgeny5+5-5
2020-08-11 22:01[fix] telega-server: correctly parse 12.1 emojisZajcev Evgeny4+66-50
2020-08-11 21:59Create FUNDING.ymlZajcev Evgeny1+12-0
2020-08-11 15:12[fix] Remove "-alpha_dither" from arguments to "dwebp"Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2020-08-10 11:53[enh] `nobreak-char-display' -> nil in chat/web modesZajcev Evgeny2+2-0
2020-08-09 22:15Bunch of fixes/improvementsZajcev Evgeny14+234-87
2020-07-31 19:10Fix typo in READMEBrett Gilio1+1-1
2020-07-31 19:10Fix italicization of new README textBrett Gilio1+3-2
2020-07-31 19:08Mention telega-mnz in markdown section of READMEBrett Gilio1+3-0
2020-07-29 16:19[add] telega-server: Support for 12.1 emojis, fixes #179Zajcev Evgeny2+141-2
2020-07-24 23:37README: GNU Guix Badge -> 0.6.28Brett Gilio1+1-1
2020-07-23 19:48Various fixes and enhancements, manual regeneratedZajcev Evgeny8+86-48
2020-07-20 05:17Modify guix.scm to include contrib directory.Brett Gilio1+26-3
2020-07-20 04:48Modify docstring for telega-mnz--inside-p.Brett Gilio1+1-1
2020-07-20 04:44Rewrite telega-mnz--read-major-mode.Brett Gilio1+6-2
2020-07-20 02:01Do not append #'geo-last-location in telega-mnzBrett Gilio1+1-1
2020-07-20 01:55Add telega-mnz.el to contrib folder.Would1+319-0
2020-07-19 20:49Correct punctuation in pngext_usage.Brett Gilio1+1-1
2020-07-19 20:28Revise wording in telega-version.Brett Gilio1+2-2
2020-07-19 20:17Make `telega' arguments optional.Brett Gilio1+1-1
2020-07-19 19:12Revise Guix badge in README to reflect 0.6.27Brett Gilio1+1-1
2020-07-19 03:37Modify local Guix recipe to use emacs-wide-ints on 32-bit systemsBrett Gilio1+6-1
2020-07-19 02:50v -> 0.6.27Brett Gilio1+3-2
2020-07-18 19:04Remove redundant mention of GNU Guix from READMEBrett Gilio1+1-2
2020-07-18 19:02Revise README to reflect better practice tdlib installation.Brett Gilio1+5-3
2020-07-18 18:58Make mention of GNU Guix dependency as optionalBrett Gilio1+1-0
2020-07-18 18:56Modify section on installation in README.Brett Gilio1+3-3
2020-07-18 18:44Correct typo in pngext_get_pngBrett Gilio1+1-1
2020-07-16 23:19Merge pull request #189 from brettgilio/masterBrett Gilio1+5-4
2020-07-10 13:53Merge pull request #187 from ojab/masterZajcev Evgeny1+4-4
2020-07-06 08:59- Use `telega-x-frame' for `image-size'Zajcev Evgeny5+11-10
2020-07-06 05:57Merge pull request #184 from dholm/masterZajcev Evgeny2+1-17
2020-07-02 10:46Version -> 0.6.26Zajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2020-07-02 10:45[fix] Use `:file' property for sticker/animation thumbnailsZajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2020-07-01 10:12Assert on `file' in `telega-file--ensure` only under telega debugZajcev Evgeny1+2-1
2020-07-01 09:17Fix, do not fail if renewing file for unset propertyZajcev Evgeny2+5-5
2020-06-30 15:22More support for TDLib 1.6.6Zajcev Evgeny10+73-83
2020-06-26 09:53Merge pull request #182 from sarg/guix-upZajcev Evgeny2+2-3
2020-06-25 08:53[fix] Do not use `:order' chat propertyZajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2020-06-23 Telegram Folders added as featureZajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2020-06-23 17:16[add] etc/verified.svgZajcev Evgeny1+84-0
2020-06-23 17:15[add] etc/td-api-1.6.6.tlZajcev Evgeny1+4583-0
2020-06-23 17:13Removed `telega--on-updateChatIsPinned'Zajcev Evgeny1+0-13
2020-06-23 updated TDLib version to 1.6.6Zajcev Evgeny1+3-3
2020-06-23 17:08Merge pull request #181 from zevlg/with-tdlib-1.6.6Zajcev Evgeny12+389-227
2020-06-21 12:54Warn about TDLib versionZajcev Evgeny1+11-3
2020-06-20 19:10TON stuff removed, since TON is postponed by TelegramZajcev Evgeny3+0-64
2020-06-20 19:08Merge pull request #178 from zevlg/root-viewsZajcev Evgeny29+2876-1892
2020-05-22 19:43[enh] Display messages filter in chatbuf mode-lineZajcev Evgeny4+124-14
2020-05-22 18:21[enh] Chat messages ring, instead of telega-chatbuf--marker-messageZajcev Evgeny6+62-39
2020-05-22 13:40telega-server: print INPUT before passing to `tdat_plist_value'Zajcev Evgeny2+10-5
2020-05-22 11:08typofix in telega-live-location.elZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2020-05-22 11:07doc/ link to geo-xdg.el addedZajcev Evgeny2+7-1
2020-05-22 10:59Imported contrib/telega-live-location.el docs into manualZajcev Evgeny2+10-2
2020-05-22 10:53Various enhancements, see belowZajcev Evgeny12+398-96
2020-05-20 23:55[enh] telega-server: Always mark surrogated pairs as emojiZajcev Evgeny4+48-19
2020-05-20 21:23[enh] 2-chars emojis ending with \ufe0f is 1 char widthZajcev Evgeny1+6-0
2020-05-20 17:43telega-server-min-version -> 0.6.1Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2020-05-20 17:40[add] telega-server: Support for emojisZajcev Evgeny12+1966-57
2020-05-19 15:43doc/ Contacts list "root view" addedZajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2020-05-19 10:33[fix] typos in telega manualZajcev Evgeny2+7-7
2020-05-19 added reference to doc/telega-manual.orgZajcev Evgeny1+4-0
2020-05-19 00:58More documentationZajcev Evgeny11+304-149
2020-05-17 11:41[fix] Use `copy-sequence' when sorting chatsZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2020-05-17 11:38[add] doc/, chat actionsZajcev Evgeny1+4-0
2020-05-17 00:10Changed `telega-filter-by-pin' bindingZajcev Evgeny2+3-2
2020-05-16 23:56Better manuial formattingZajcev Evgeny2+50-56
2020-05-16 23:46Update for the manualZajcev Evgeny3+96-43
2020-05-16 22:59[add] `chatbuf-visibility' sort criteriaZajcev Evgeny6+35-21
2020-05-16 21:46[fix] Check for `define-fringe-bitmap' availabilityZajcev Evgeny1+6-4
2020-05-16 21:31Fixes #171Zajcev Evgeny5+46-6
2020-05-16 10:07Fix for #173Zajcev Evgeny3+5-5
2020-05-12 16:12[enh] marker message introduced, fixes #103Zajcev Evgeny1+23-9
2020-05-12 14:08[enh] Better support for dark themesZajcev Evgeny1+16-13
2020-05-12 14:06[enh] Bot commands completions in group chatsZajcev Evgeny3+42-17
2020-05-12 11:00[fix] Call `recenter' interactively in `telega-chatbuf-recenter-1'Zajcev Evgeny1+3-3
2020-05-12 Q about tracking updatedZajcev Evgeny1+11-3
2020-05-11 17:44Functionality updateZajcev Evgeny17+482-307
2020-04-27 23:51[feature] Completing all users with `@<TAB>` in chatbufZajcev Evgeny1+7-3
2020-04-23 10:38[new] contrib/telega-alert.el for notifications with alert.elZajcev Evgeny6+82-3
2020-04-21 08:32[fix] Fix for Evgeny2+8-1
2020-04-20 16:01[fix] Fixes for pinned-message update and viewing :is_secret msgZajcev Evgeny6+101-65
2020-04-19 11:51Enhancements for stickersetsZajcev Evgeny6+170-82
2020-04-17 11:44[fix] Fix for the Evgeny1+1-1
2020-04-17 11:11[fix] Do not call twice `telega-server--call' for getCreatedPublicChatsZajcev Evgeny1+1-2
2020-04-16 15:15[fix] 100% CPU load while fetching chatsZajcev Evgeny4+18-15
2020-04-15 20:54[fix] contrib/telega-url-shorten: try github-issue before github-repoZajcev Evgeny2+6-5
2020-04-15 19:00Version -> 0.6.9Zajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2020-04-15 18:59[fix] Make `C-c C-s' work again in chatbuf to search messagesZajcev Evgeny1+4-4
2020-04-12 22:15Merge pull request #162 from sarg/contrib-diredZajcev Evgeny1+32-0
2020-04-09 20:19[add] contrib/telega-url-shorten.el links to github repos addedZajcev Evgeny2+9-2
2020-04-09 16:26[enh] Mark as read only messages before the pointZajcev Evgeny2+87-24
2020-04-09 11:13[enh] updateZajcev Evgeny2+8-1
2020-04-08 21:13[add] chatbuf message filter by "hashtag"Zajcev Evgeny1+28-19
2020-04-08 18:59[fix] Keep draft message created from other devicesZajcev Evgeny2+7-4
2020-04-08 16:41[enh] Various enhancementsZajcev Evgeny4+40-24
2020-04-08 16:38More code import for contrib/telega-status-history.elZajcev Evgeny1+72-8
2020-04-08 16:37[enh] Keep window's start/point params on help buffer redisplayZajcev Evgeny1+12-8
2020-04-08 14:45Merge pull request #160 from cnsunyour/masterZajcev Evgeny3+14-3
2020-04-08 03:35[fix] telega-url-shorten-mode: Do not kill markup propertiesZajcev Evgeny1+5-3
2020-04-08 03:31Pushed forgotten contrib/telega-url-shorten.elZajcev Evgeny1+186-0
2020-04-08 03:02[enh] Minor improvementsZajcev Evgeny3+10-3
2020-04-08 01:57[fix] Redisplay chatbuf msg next to deleted/resorted msgZajcev Evgeny1+14-2
2020-04-08 01:35[fix] Uniquify chat buffer names, fixes #158Zajcev Evgeny1+28-13
2020-04-08 00:56[add] `chatbuf-recency' chat sort criteria addedZajcev Evgeny13+136-184
2020-04-06 19:51[enh] Jump to pinned messageZajcev Evgeny1+3-0
2020-04-06 19:49[fix] one-line version for messageDiceZajcev Evgeny1+10-5
2020-04-05 16:54Initial support for TDLib 1.6.2Zajcev Evgeny11+258-137
2020-04-03 22:48[fix] Reply to bot messages with inline keyboard buttonsZajcev Evgeny5+84-54
2020-03-31 11:33[add] Viewing voting results for non-anonymous pollsZajcev Evgeny8+87-35
2020-03-29 15:57[new] Minor mode to edit files from the Telegram cloudZajcev Evgeny11+141-17
2020-03-28 09:39[enh] Internal links in format telega:@<username>[#<msg-id>]Zajcev Evgeny4+95-23
2020-03-26 23:52Improvements an fixesZajcev Evgeny8+134-52
2020-03-25 15:46[fix] `telega-svg-create' macro moved to telega-core.elZajcev Evgeny2+4-4
2020-03-19 15:06[add] contrib/ directory created, for foreign telega codeZajcev Evgeny2+88-1
2020-03-19 11:09[fix] Make `telega-read-timestamp' not fail on Emacs26Zajcev Evgeny1+3-1
2020-03-19 08:13[new] Initial support for searching messages in chatsZajcev Evgeny6+261-80
2020-03-18 15:49[add] Support for self-destruct photo/video message in private chatsZajcev Evgeny6+95-21
2020-03-18 14:20Minor updates for docsZajcev Evgeny2+49-10
2020-03-17 22:23[fix] RET to view profile photo in Chat Info bufferZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2020-03-17 22:09Version -> 0.6.2Zajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2020-03-17 22:08[fix] String passed to `telega--desurrogate-apply' might be nilZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2020-03-17 13:56- [new] Support for scheduled messagesZajcev Evgeny10+471-308
2020-03-17 08:16- doc/ regeneratedZajcev Evgeny2+8-3
2020-03-17 07:51Various enhancementsZajcev Evgeny13+641-288
2020-03-14 19:14[enh] Minor improvementsZajcev Evgeny5+175-117
2020-03-13 08:13[add] TTL support for secret chatsZajcev Evgeny2+42-2
2020-03-13 07:10Initial commit to support group ownership transferingZajcev Evgeny4+40-5
2020-03-11 16:02Redisplay filters only when Emacs goes idleZajcev Evgeny4+65-14
2020-03-10 13:51[fix] Workaround newer librsvgZajcev Evgeny4+14-10
2020-03-04 11:53[fix] telega-server: Minor issues found by CoverityZajcev Evgeny2+5-2
2020-03-04 00:52[fix] telega-server fixes for issues found by CoverityZajcev Evgeny3+6-4
2020-03-04 00:12[fix] Fighting against #90Zajcev Evgeny6+58-22
2020-03-02 15:40[add] Support for multiple answer and quiz-style PollsZajcev Evgeny7+246-114
2020-02-26 15:57[enh] Smarter decide whether or not to squash messageZajcev Evgeny4+25-23
2020-02-17 16:29[fix] Get rid of compilation warningZajcev Evgeny2+3-1
2020-02-17 16:20[enh] Better point handling in chatbufsZajcev Evgeny1+62-38
2020-02-17 12:49[fix] reply-to-msg is optional in `telega--sendMessage'Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2020-02-14 20:26Merge pull request #149 from aidenholmes/masterBrett Gilio1+7-7
2020-02-14 14:25[fix] tab/backtab in chatbufZajcev Evgeny1+25-18
2020-02-14 13:47[enh] Customizable button endingsZajcev Evgeny2+30-9
2020-02-14 01:34[enh] M-p/M-n in chatbuf to edit previously sent messagesZajcev Evgeny1+27-2
2020-02-13 23:33[add] telega-image-mode to view photos in chatbufZajcev Evgeny8+188-57
2020-02-13 19:46[add] `track' for telega-root-keep-cursorZajcev Evgeny4+40-6
2020-02-13 17:49[enh] Chat filtering bindings revisedZajcev Evgeny3+57-36
2020-02-13 14:50[enh] Loading older history in more smart mannerZajcev Evgeny5+105-48
2020-02-12 15:03[add] Stickers support in non-imagemagick EmacsZajcev Evgeny2+42-10
2020-02-11 11:17[fix] `telega-chat-fill-column' is too wide for webpage/game fillingZajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2020-02-10 14:17[fix] Use full `telega-chat-fill-column' width for webpage and gameZajcev Evgeny1+3-4
2020-02-07 14:02[enh] M-x telega-report-bug RET added to fill issueZajcev Evgeny2+49-12
2020-02-07 13:20[fix] Always treat chat order as stringZajcev Evgeny3+8-9
2020-02-06 09:55[fix] Do not recenter in `telega-button-forward'Zajcev Evgeny1+10-5
2020-02-05 01:12Merge branch 'master' of Evgeny5+29-17
2020-02-05 01:09[upd] more infoZajcev Evgeny1+15-0
2020-02-01 22:46Version -> 0.6.0Zajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2020-02-01 21:59Important chats also includes chats with mentionsZajcev Evgeny2+8-5
2020-02-01 20:20[enh] Better organization for telega-modesZajcev Evgeny7+316-56
2020-02-01 19:55[enh] Short version for mode name in rootbuf and chatbufZajcev Evgeny2+2-2
2020-02-01 18:12[fix] Use literal replacement in `telega-i18n', test addedZajcev Evgeny2+3-1
2020-02-01 09:36[new] `telega-chat-group-messages-timespan' custom optionZajcev Evgeny3+38-22
2020-02-01 01:56doc/ regeneratedZajcev Evgeny2+10-9
2020-02-01 01:44[new] Chats sorting new feature initial importZajcev Evgeny13+683-196
2020-01-31 13:39[fix] telega-tdlib.el (searchMessages): Do not specify :chat_listZajcev Evgeny1+7-2
2020-01-31 AppIndicator support in telega-serverZajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2020-01-31 12:30[idea] forwarding public messages as linkZajcev Evgeny1+5-0
2020-01-29 12:14[enh] Try to make button visible after `telega-button-forward'Zajcev Evgeny1+9-0
2020-01-27 14:44[enh] Keep messages unread if buffer is not activeZajcev Evgeny1+13-2
2020-01-27 13:49[new] Support for Chat Action BarZajcev Evgeny8+138-26
2020-01-25 10:27minor doc updateZajcev Evgeny2+2-4
2020-01-25 10:12[add] Chat Filters: important, interactive filterZajcev Evgeny5+75-10
2020-01-25 05:58[fix] chat filter error Enrico experiencedZajcev Evgeny2+27-35
2020-01-25 05:26doc: Internal linking once againZajcev Evgeny5+12-12
2020-01-25 04:50doc: Internal linking done rightZajcev Evgeny5+28-26
2020-01-25 04:13Moved into doc/Zajcev Evgeny1+0-0
2020-01-25 04:05more stuff hereZajcev Evgeny3+17-39
2020-01-25 03:52Documentation: generating docs using ellit-org toolZajcev Evgeny6+522-73
2020-01-24 22:30[add] more chat sorting criteria addedZajcev Evgeny1+2-0
2020-01-24 22:22Merge pull request #144 from brettgilio/masterBrett Gilio1+1-1
2020-01-24 21:12Merge branch 'master' of Evgeny2+21-0
2020-01-24 21:06[add] Chats sortingZajcev Evgeny1+11-0
2020-01-22 01:07[enh] New inserters for contact and chat buttonsZajcev Evgeny9+120-42
2020-01-21 22:13[add] `telega-chat-label-alist' custom variableZajcev Evgeny6+45-29
2020-01-21 20:48[fix] Asynchronously fetch chats from "Archive" chat listZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2020-01-21 note about "Archived Chats" featureZajcev Evgeny2+3-2
2020-01-21 15:01[enh] Support for more features of TDLib 1.6.0Zajcev Evgeny10+215-101
2020-01-21 10:38[enh] Removed 3 items from `telega-filters-custom'Zajcev Evgeny2+2-5
2020-01-21 09:58[fix] Use `no-error' in `telega-button-forward' when viewing messagesZajcev Evgeny1+4-6
2020-01-21 09:47[fix] Fix wrong arguments to `forward-button' in Emacs26Zajcev Evgeny1+8-2
2020-01-21 08:33Version -> 0.5.9Zajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2020-01-21 08:30Merge pull request #142 from zevlg/issue-140--attach-stickerZajcev Evgeny7+56-40
2020-01-20 23:27[enh] Support for internal links to chat/messageZajcev Evgeny5+56-16
2020-01-20 22:01[new] Fast chat navigation in rootbufZajcev Evgeny8+165-123
2020-01-20 14:59[new] initial importZajcev Evgeny1+115-0
2020-01-18 17:59[enh] Make `C-c C-v' pasting image from clipboard on MacOSZajcev Evgeny1+7-3
2020-01-18 16:31[fix] telega-server: Get rid of warn on MacOSZajcev Evgeny4+18-8
2020-01-17 14:00design.txt: Described idea about list of favorite messagesZajcev Evgeny1+17-3
2020-01-17 13:59[new] Initial `telega-screenshot-with-pngpaste' for MacOS usersZajcev Evgeny1+5-0
2020-01-17 12:56[new] Warn user if some obsolete telega functionality is usedZajcev Evgeny4+81-15
2020-01-17 09:18[enh] TON supportZajcev Evgeny4+88-10
2020-01-17 09:17fixes for custom vars renamingZajcev Evgeny2+8-3
2020-01-17 09:10[enh] Support for chat avatars in rootbuf/chatbufZajcev Evgeny7+139-49
2020-01-16 16:29[enh] Chat Filters revisedZajcev Evgeny12+131-100
2020-01-16 Reference to `telega-chat-use-markdown-version'Zajcev Evgeny1+3-1
2020-01-16 10:44[enh] `C-u RET' to open animation/video-node msg in external playerZajcev Evgeny1+12-4
2020-01-15 22:44Merge pull request #138 from brettgilio/masterBrett Gilio1+1-0
2020-01-15 18:31[enh] Markdown versioning introducedZajcev Evgeny4+44-22
2020-01-15 11:30[fix] telega-test-env: Do not check for images support in TTY only EmacsZajcev Evgeny1+5-2
2020-01-14 23:16[add] Manage user profile photos, fixes #124Zajcev Evgeny4+90-12
2020-01-14 22:10[fix] telega-server: Use `tonlib_client_json_execute' for initial tonlib configZajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2020-01-14 22:06Revert "telega-server: Use negative timeouts to avoi useless logs from TDLib and tonlib"Zajcev Evgeny1+6-6
2020-01-14 20:39telega-server: Use negative timeouts to avoi useless logs from TDLib and tonlibZajcev Evgeny1+6-6
2020-01-14 20:00Merge pull request #137 from brettgilio/masterBrett Gilio1+1-1
2020-01-14 14:20[enh] Workaround problem displaying unicode characters in some librsvg versions (in my case 2.40.13). Encoded (in &#xxxx format) text is only displayed corretly if <xml ..?> node is specifiedZajcev Evgeny3+38-24
2020-01-14 08:31[add] Can change account TTL setting now, fixes #125Zajcev Evgeny3+79-13
2020-01-13 20:18[add] Save file associated with message with `S', fixes #135Zajcev Evgeny1+43-3
2020-01-13 rootbuf screenshot updatedZajcev Evgeny2+2-1
2020-01-13 TDLib 1.5.4 is requiredZajcev Evgeny1+3-3
2020-01-13 08:47- More support for 1.6.0 features added - [fix] Revised client-side filtering code, fixes #131Zajcev Evgeny11+87-77
2020-01-13 07:27[enh] Partial support for improved text entitiesZajcev Evgeny4+41-7
2020-01-13 04:43Merge pull request #134 from brettgilio/masterBrett Gilio1+1-1
2020-01-12 19:40Merge pull request #133 from brettgilio/masterBrett Gilio1+3-3
2020-01-12 19:33Merge pull request #132 from brettgilio/masterBrett Gilio1+1-1
2020-01-12 10:58Initial support for TDLib 1.6.0Zajcev Evgeny9+4630-24
2020-01-05 16:53Merge pull request #129 from brettgilio/patch-4Brett Gilio1+1-1
2020-01-01 22:51Merge pull request #128 from brettgilio/patch-3Brett Gilio2+7-4
2020-01-01 03:31Merge pull request #126 from brettgilio/patch-1Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2020-01-01 03:31Merge pull request #123 from brettgilio/video-fixZajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2020-01-01 03:30Merge pull request #127 from brettgilio/patch-2Zajcev Evgeny1+24-0
2019-12-27 04:10Merge pull request #122 from brettgilio/masterZajcev Evgeny1+30-25
2019-12-27 01:16Merge pull request #121 from brettgilio/masterZajcev Evgeny2+2-14
2019-12-26 10:25[fix] get rid of compilation warningZajcev Evgeny2+5-5
2019-12-26 01:24[fix] Do not display map photo downloading progressZajcev Evgeny1+0-5
2019-12-26 00:58Bunch of enhancements and fixes, Version -> 0.5.4Zajcev Evgeny13+972-583
2019-12-25 12:25[add] Instagram added to `telega-url-shorten-mode'Zajcev Evgeny3+17-0
2019-12-24 14:48[enh] more I18N stringsZajcev Evgeny3+46-36
2019-12-24 12:07[fix] No errors for stickers in non-imagemagick setup, fixes #120Zajcev Evgeny4+35-4
2019-12-20 02:01[fix] `telega-sticker-emoji' return empty string if sticker's :emoji is unsetZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-12-18 22:35[add] autoload for telega-url-shorten-modeZajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2019-12-18 20:00[add] svg icons added for URL shortening modeZajcev Evgeny8+98-0
2019-12-18 19:58[new] URL shortening minor modeZajcev Evgeny2+83-2
2019-12-16 15:10[fix] I18N: fixes and testsZajcev Evgeny4+32-9
2019-12-14 21:25Merge pull request #117 from brettgilio/masterZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-12-13 21:07Merge pull request #116 from brettgilio/masterZajcev Evgeny1+20-6
2019-12-13 09:29Merge pull request #115 from brettgilio/masterZajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2019-12-13 02:52Merge pull request #114 from brettgilio/masterZajcev Evgeny1+5-3
2019-12-13 02:23Initial support for I18NZajcev Evgeny18+568-417
2019-12-11 10:56[fix] add `:chat_id' to the deleted messagesZajcev Evgeny3+6-1
2019-12-10 22:00[add] Support for `updateServiceNotification'Zajcev Evgeny2+22-11
2019-12-10 13:32Version -> 0.5.2Zajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2019-12-10 13:31[feature] Sessions termination, fixes #113Zajcev Evgeny5+118-55
2019-12-10 MELPA stable badge addedZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-12-09 23:54[add] Games supportZajcev Evgeny4+82-6
2019-12-09 17:12[fix] Show chat members list for basicgroupZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-12-07 05:53Merge pull request #112 from brettgilio/masterZajcev Evgeny1+18-11
2019-12-06 typo fixZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-12-06 Resorted GNU Guix sectionZajcev Evgeny1+41-36
2019-12-05 16:46Merge pull request #111 from brettgilio/masterZajcev Evgeny1+154-0
2019-12-05 14:27Merge pull request #110 from brettgilio/masterZajcev Evgeny1+8-4
2019-12-05 MELPA badge addedZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-12-04 15:49[enh] Customizable sorting for `telega-switch-buffer', see `telega-chat-switch-buffer-sort-by' [enh] Polls - Retracting vote - Vote just by pressing corresponding option lineZajcev Evgeny7+55-19
2019-12-02 13:52Merge pull request #108 from brettgilio/masterZajcev Evgeny1+32-0
2019-12-02 09:53[feature] Show deleted messgase, disabled by default, see `telega-chat-show-deleted-messages'Zajcev Evgeny6+340-215
2019-11-28 14:26[enh] Show user relationship (with me) in chat members listZajcev Evgeny3+50-4
2019-11-28 11:03Merge pull request #106 from alexmurray/masterZajcev Evgeny6+14-10
2019-11-28 10:18[fix] Some uploaded photos won't be shown. This patch fixes this. Default best photo should be downloadableZajcev Evgeny1+7-7
2019-11-26 13:40[enh] Make usernames with "_" in their username be completable in chatbuf. telega-company rely on word syntax to grab completion prefix. This patch makes "_" to be a part of the wordZajcev Evgeny1+3-0
2019-11-26 13:21[fix] typo in `inlineQueryResultAudio' buttonZajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2019-11-26 11:06[enh] Use `telega-server-min-version' to check telega-server version instead of `telega-version', so `telega-version' can be used to track actual version of the telegaZajcev Evgeny4+17-13
2019-11-26 00:19Bunch of improvements: [add] RESEND failed messages [add] Show Pinned message/Reply markup in chatbuf footer [add] Preview for webpages with inlined document/video [add] Additional buttons for various message webpage types, such as [VIEW CHAT], [VIEW MESSAGE], etc [cleanup] Stickers code cleanup, code moved to use `with-telega-server-reply'Zajcev Evgeny16+603-273
2019-11-23 00:45[enh] Root buffer screen enhancedZajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2019-11-22 10:05[fix] `image-transforms-p' is defined only in new Emacs, check for thisZajcev Evgeny1+4-1
2019-11-22 07:34[enh] Keep window-start point when redisplaying message. Prevents buffer "jumps" on message redisplays [fix] Process deferred events only once, might fix max-lisp-eval-depth problem on wake-up [feature] Minithumbnail support, make sure you are updated TDLib, due to Evgeny7+134-76
2019-11-22 05:26Merge pull request #102 from SteamedFish/masterZajcev Evgeny1+6-3
2019-11-08 14:54[fix] Open "video" webpages without embedded videoZajcev Evgeny1+9-8
2019-11-08 13:27[enh] Keep opened(in terms of TDLib) only visible chatbuffers, fixes #99Zajcev Evgeny2+16-8
2019-11-08 11:05[fix] telega-info: Support for emojis in chat descriptionZajcev Evgeny3+8-3
2019-11-06 13:35[enh] telega-webpage: Support for pageBlockEmbeddedZajcev Evgeny3+28-4
2019-10-30 16:16[enh] Customizable screenshot taking functionZajcev Evgeny3+35-9
2019-10-29 14:24[add] Идея для clientside фильтрации рекламных сообщений в channelZajcev Evgeny1+4-0
2019-10-28 15:06more TODO in design.txtZajcev Evgeny1+9-0
2019-10-28 12:30[fix] emojis in video :file_nameZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-10-25 13:59[new] Support for links to messages in private supergroups and channelsZajcev Evgeny7+85-31
2019-10-25 12:52[enh] `telega-chat--display-buffer-action' first tries to reuse existing windowZajcev Evgeny1+2-1
2019-10-23 12:55[fix] return correct brackets for new chatsZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-10-23 10:43[fix] Use string with no properties for chat buffer names.Zajcev Evgeny2+9-8
2019-10-21 14:41[enh] Support for large emojis with trailing variation-selector-16 symbolZajcev Evgeny2+7-1
2019-10-21 12:38[enh] C-u C-c C-a animation RET to attach filename as animationZajcev Evgeny3+23-9
2019-10-20 11:15Merge pull request #95 from cireu/fix/coding-issueZajcev Evgeny1+2-1
2019-10-18 10:56[fix] Use desurrogated version of `:client_data', fixes #94Zajcev Evgeny1+4-1
2019-10-15 15:01Merge branch 'master' of Evgeny4+13-13
2019-10-15 15:01[fix] telega-sticker.el: sticker emoji might be empty stringZajcev Evgeny2+4-2
2019-10-02 14:53Merge pull request #92 from cireu/feat/no-clZajcev Evgeny2+4-6
2019-09-25 14:06[fix] Avoid using `window-font-width' and `window-font-height', because they tweak with window config, which breaks insertersZajcev Evgeny1+13-3
2019-09-25 06:59Initial support for tonlib in telega-serverZajcev Evgeny3+58-16
2019-09-24 13:09[enh] Show sender info if "Forwarded From" header is pressed and original message is not known, but sender info is availableZajcev Evgeny1+7-3
2019-09-23 16:33[fix] Use copy of `telega--chat-buffers' in telega-switch-buffer, since `cl-sort' modifies list inplaceZajcev Evgeny1+3-3
2019-09-23 16:28[EXPERIMENT] Unset `telega-chatbuf--history-loading' only after inserting new messages, see Evgeny1+5-3
2019-09-23 16:23[fix] Update `telega--lib-directory' on melpa updatesZajcev Evgeny7+61-51
2019-09-20 13:29Use telega-tdlib.el in telega-chat and telega-companyZajcev Evgeny2+2-1
2019-09-20 13:27telega-tdlib.el initial importZajcev Evgeny1+68-0
2019-09-20 13:26Bunch of enhancements, more 1.5.0 featuresZajcev Evgeny9+96-36
2019-09-20 13:01[fix] Use `plist-get' to get :bot_infoZajcev Evgeny1+6-1
2019-09-18 22:13[enh] Support for `buffer-face-mode', fixes #90Zajcev Evgeny7+15-13
2019-09-18 21:30[add] LIBS_PREFIX added for building telega-serverZajcev Evgeny3+15-2
2019-09-17 14:57[fix] Use telega-tl-str to insert `richTextPlain', so emojis are displayed correctlyZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-09-17 10:16[enh] Use completing read for custom labelsZajcev Evgeny2+21-4
2019-09-17 10:15[typofix] use `topChatCategoryChannels' instead of `topChatCategoryChannel'Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-09-16 15:51Make `telega-server-build' install telega-server binary into `telega-directory'Zajcev Evgeny2+9-3
2019-09-13 19:12Merge pull request #89 from SteamedFish/masterZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-09-12 08:27[add] VoIP logging support via `telega-voip-logfile' custom varZajcev Evgeny3+31-2
2019-09-12 07:22Switched development to use TDLib 1.5.0Zajcev Evgeny4+8-8
2019-09-12 07:00Version -> 0.4.4Zajcev Evgeny2+3-3
2019-09-11 18:03Added idea to design.txtZajcev Evgeny1+4-0
2019-09-11 18:01Reformat for `telega--desurrogate-apply-part'Zajcev Evgeny1+10-10
2019-09-11 17:57[enh] `telega-tl-str' introduced to get desurrogated string as object propertyZajcev Evgeny15+156-137
2019-09-11 12:03[fix] Insert "Animated sticker" only for animated stickersZajcev Evgeny1+5-3
2019-09-11 11:47[fix] Adjust telega-location-size at `telega-runtime-setup' to avoid loading errorsZajcev Evgeny2+10-14
2019-09-11 11:30Merge pull request #88 from zevlg/telega-tdlib-150Zajcev Evgeny7+4177-14
2019-09-11 11:28* Reverted disabling deferring events experiment * Show emoji images when completing * Load stickers asynchronously on C-c C-a sticker RET to make it less blockyZajcev Evgeny10+192-105
2019-09-10 22:45Always use `:height' image parameter in svg imagesZajcev Evgeny5+31-21
2019-09-09 19:36[enh] Delay SVG emojis creation to display timeZajcev Evgeny2+23-10
2019-09-09 19:33[enh] Split `telega-ins--chat-full' into two partsZajcev Evgeny3+23-11
2019-09-09 17:29[add] telega-prefix-map - telega-saved-messages - telega-file-sendZajcev Evgeny2+40-5
2019-09-09 17:26[fix] set telega--auth-state on Auth state updatesZajcev Evgeny1+12-1
2019-09-09 15:58[enh] Poll messages with svg progressZajcev Evgeny4+62-32
2019-09-09 09:29[fix] Send online status info only if auth state is Ready, prevents errors such as "Unauthorized", see Evgeny2+11-3
2019-09-07 13:58[fix] telega-notifications: Revert removed desurrogation for notification :bodyZajcev Evgeny1+9-5
2019-09-07 Notice about hashtag completion addedZajcev Evgeny1+8-3
2019-09-07 01:15[fix] Remove ffplay-frame prop after it has been usedZajcev Evgeny1+2-0
2019-09-07 00:53Major update with bunch of fixes and featuresZajcev Evgeny24+1149-588
2019-09-06 22:38design.txt: Идея про фильтр для tracking чатов, какие добавлять, а какие нетZajcev Evgeny1+4-0
2019-09-06 22:37[enh] use `telega-server` as proxy to run ffmpeg to extract PNG imagesZajcev Evgeny2+119-26
2019-09-06 13:46[fix] Update chatbuf's aux-button on messages editsZajcev Evgeny1+16-2
2019-09-06 11:39* Reverted unhexification of the urls, it brokes formatting. Need new method to unhexify urlsZajcev Evgeny1+6-3
2019-09-05 16:16[feature] Unhexify urls inside messages, so url like: is displayed as Evgeny1+4-1
2019-09-04 14:08Completions enhancements:Zajcev Evgeny1+16-13
2019-09-04 fix logo placementZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-09-04 added logo64Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-09-04 12:04[add] 64px version of telega logoZajcev Evgeny1+0-0
2019-09-04 12:01[add] Use telega logo instead of official telegram logoZajcev Evgeny5+508-3
2019-09-03 13:42[fix] Fixed recently broken completion with TAB in chat bufferZajcev Evgeny2+14-2
2019-09-03 12:54[enh] Support for colorized custom chat labels addedZajcev Evgeny3+23-16
2019-09-01 17:18[fix] telega-server: compiler warningsZajcev Evgeny1+4-2
2019-08-30 14:46[fix] fixed formatting for telega-mode-lineZajcev Evgeny1+4-1
2019-08-30 14:23[fix] format chatbuf's modeline in context of chat bufferZajcev Evgeny1+17-5
2019-08-30 14:12[feature] hashtags company backeng addedZajcev Evgeny2+47-16
2019-08-30 12:20[enh] Load logo image only once, logo image code moved to telega-modes.elZajcev Evgeny2+17-32
2019-08-30 12:19[fi] Insert attachement brackets only if attachement body is inserted without errors, to avoid incomplete attachement formattingZajcev Evgeny1+5-4
2019-08-30 12:13[fix] make `telega-server--last-error' be special variable, so (boundp 'telega-server--last-error) will work againZajcev Evgeny1+1-2
2019-08-29 18:55[feature] telega-server: PNG extraction functionality added to telega-serverZajcev Evgeny5+135-11
2019-08-29 18:52telega-notifications.el: unused var removedZajcev Evgeny1+1-2
2019-08-29 18:39* telega-notifications.el: "via bot" section removed from notificationZajcev Evgeny1+1-6
2019-08-29 17:31[enh] PNG version of the logoZajcev Evgeny13+252-233
2019-08-28 10:47[fix] Do NOT add outgoing messages to trackingZajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2019-08-27 14:19[enh] Insert "via @botname" with clickable @botname linkZajcev Evgeny1+28-22
2019-08-26 14:20[fix] `telega-button--observable-p' check chat buffer has visible windowZajcev Evgeny1+7-4
2019-08-26 12:36[enh] Do not use %t in telega-mode-line-format-spec by default if telega-use-tracking is disabledZajcev Evgeny1+3-1
2019-08-23 fixed code using `company-backends'Zajcev Evgeny1+5-3
2019-08-23 11:28[fix] Correct previous commit. Apply desurrogate per entity, not to whole line at onceZajcev Evgeny1+16-17
2019-08-23 11:11[fix] Correctly display input, when editing message with surrogated pairsZajcev Evgeny1+4-0
2019-08-23 08:10[enh] Better server error handlingZajcev Evgeny3+59-57
2019-08-23 08:09[enh] Better "last seen" status in user infoZajcev Evgeny1+11-1
2019-08-22 16:39[new] New command to view changes made to message after user edited the message. Available only for admins of supergroups and channels.Zajcev Evgeny3+78-3
2019-08-22 16:37[enh] Multiple C-u to C-c C-a screenshot RET increases delay before taking screenshot of the area.Zajcev Evgeny2+39-9
2019-08-22 01:08Preparing code to support inline video note/animations playbackZajcev Evgeny7+233-108
2019-08-21 13:09[fix] Correctly display number of tracking buffers in telega-mode-line-mode.Zajcev Evgeny1+9-6
2019-08-21 08:47Code preparation for inline video nodes playbackZajcev Evgeny4+24-6
2019-08-21 Q about emacs-nox addedZajcev Evgeny1+5-0
2019-08-21 00:32[fix] Stop playing voice notes on chatbuf kill, fixes #49Zajcev Evgeny1+5-0
2019-08-21 00:09[enh] New approach to name chat buffers.Zajcev Evgeny3+39-23
2019-08-20 20:03Formatting waveforms for tty onlyZajcev Evgeny1+18-5
2019-08-20 18:19[feature] Support to block/unblock users. Fixes #47Zajcev Evgeny5+100-47
2019-08-20 15:53require telega-modes.elZajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2019-08-20 Describe global minor modes, `telega-mode-line-mode' and `telega-notifications-mode'Zajcev Evgeny1+12-2
2019-08-20 15:42`telega-root--modeline-buffer-identification' DEPRECATED in favor for `telega-mode-line-mode'Zajcev Evgeny1+2-44
2019-08-20 15:42[fix] Pressing on "Forwarded From" head not always jumped to original message.Zajcev Evgeny2+46-17
2019-08-20 15:40Preparing code for loading pinned messages asynchronouslyZajcev Evgeny1+13-2
2019-08-20 15:39[add] telega-modes.el - File contains various minor modes for telegaZajcev Evgeny2+213-0
2019-08-20 15:38`telega-use-notifications' is DEPRECATED in favor of `telega-notifications-mode' - global minor modeZajcev Evgeny1+18-24
2019-08-20 15:37[add] General purpose predicator `telega-msg-contains-unread-mention-p'Zajcev Evgeny1+4-0
2019-08-20 15:36[enh] Avoid using :inherit in faces [add] telega-symbol-telegram - symbol for telegram logo [enh] `telega-kill-hook' - hook called when telega is killed/exitsZajcev Evgeny3+20-19
2019-08-20 14:52[add] telega-filter-by-tracking to filter chats, which are in tracking-buffersZajcev Evgeny1+11-5
2019-08-20 00:28[enh] Avoid displaying images in notification popups, fixes #76Zajcev Evgeny4+43-20
2019-08-19 19:26[enh] Use `yes-or-no-p' instead of `y-or-n-p' for critical commands, such as chat deletionZajcev Evgeny2+5-3
2019-08-19 18:03Tests for `telega-escape-underscores-in-urls'Zajcev Evgeny1+12-0
2019-08-19 18:02[enh] Allow underscores in urls when sending messages with markdown syntaxZajcev Evgeny2+17-1
2019-08-19 13:49[fix] Save the draft message on chatbuf kill, see Evgeny1+17-17
2019-08-19 13:06[fix] Show draft message when chat is opened, fixes #80Zajcev Evgeny1+51-36
2019-08-18 00:18[enh] Less agressively download stickers/animations on startZajcev Evgeny2+23-12
2019-08-16 10:40Merge pull request #75 from cireu/imp/notification-minor-modeZajcev Evgeny1+4-6
2019-08-14 11:10[fix] Do not pop up notification for outgoing messageZajcev Evgeny1+3-1
2019-08-14 10:56[fix] run `notifications-close-notification` under ignore errors, to avoid "Invalid notification identifier" errorsZajcev Evgeny1+4-2
2019-08-13 18:35[enh] Asynchronously load reply-to messages in case they are not instantly available.Zajcev Evgeny5+148-60
2019-08-13 15:57[new] telega-msg-public-link, function to get public link to messageZajcev Evgeny1+8-2
2019-08-13 15:43[enh] Use :set for telega-use-notifications, fixes #73Zajcev Evgeny2+9-10
2019-08-13 14:00Merge pull request #67 from cireu/imp/gitignore-elcZajcev Evgeny1+2-0
2019-08-13 melpa things addedZajcev Evgeny2+39-13
2019-08-12 21:31[fix] Avatar creation for users with name with surrogated pairsZajcev Evgeny1+3-18
2019-08-08 19:34[enh] Use radio buttons for poll messages formattingZajcev Evgeny2+15-5
2019-08-02 08:10* Decreased default `telega-server-verbosity' -> 3, fixes #70Zajcev Evgeny3+22-11
2019-07-30 17:50[fix] Correctly use `shell-command', see Evgeny1+1-1
2019-07-30 16:29[fix] Make notifications work again, see Evgeny5+23-9
2019-07-18 19:39[fix] Do not set draft if there is attaches in the chatbuf input. Otherwise set/update draft will screw up text propertiesZajcev Evgeny1+14-4
2019-07-18 18:55Merge pull request #65 from sarg/iss64Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-07-10 13:06[enh] C-u C-c C-a screenshot RET to make screenshot of the screen areaZajcev Evgeny1+19-11
2019-07-10 traffic control feature addedZajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2019-07-09 18:27[enh] telega-server: log OUTPUT as json, instead of plist, to make it easier to create issues for TDLibZajcev Evgeny2+24-22
2019-07-09 18:25[enh] Show uploading progress, fixes #60Zajcev Evgeny5+80-27
2019-07-09 15:05[typo], quote before hook nameZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-07-09 14:36[fix] make `C-u ? n` in root buffer not crash telega-serverZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-07-09 13:56[fix] Keep cursor position when prepending messages in chat bufferZajcev Evgeny1+3-2
2019-07-09 13:14[fix] telega--deleteMessages accepts list of message ids, not vectorZajcev Evgeny2+3-2
2019-07-08 20:18[add] Commands to send current file as document/photoZajcev Evgeny2+34-7
2019-07-06 11:17[fix] On initial telega start "updateScopeNotificationSettings" might be received only after some chat is created/updated, causing `telega-chat--muted-p' to error, because chat might :use_default_mute_for, but scope settings is not yet updatedZajcev Evgeny2+7-5
2019-07-06 09:03[new] inserter for messageCallZajcev Evgeny2+23-21
2019-07-06 08:02Fixes for MELPA, see Evgeny2+1-2
2019-07-06 00:18[fix] Infinite history loading bugfix. If chat history was small enough, telega.el starts infinitely loading history, that has been fixedZajcev Evgeny10+200-82
2019-07-05 17:34[fix] Code fixed for MELPA style compilation. Fixes for Evgeny23+563-432
2019-07-04 subsection with telega.el's unique featuresZajcev Evgeny1+6-2
2019-07-04 17:10[fix] Use single delim in `telega-chat-label-format'Zajcev Evgeny2+2-2
2019-07-04 17:04[feature] Custom chat labels:Zajcev Evgeny4+48-1
2019-07-04 16:18[enh] telega-webpage.el: Clickable photosZajcev Evgeny10+84-30
2019-07-03 14:52[enh] telega-webpage.el: - Use visual-fill-column-mode to display IV - Toggling visibility of `pageBlockDetails' with RETZajcev Evgeny1+51-85
2019-07-01 20:33[add] Display user online status in root bufferZajcev Evgeny4+46-4
2019-07-01 Question about `svg', `imagemagick' added to FAQZajcev Evgeny2+33-1
2019-06-29 08:53[enh] `telega-version`: better naming for prefix argZajcev Evgeny1+4-4
2019-06-27 16:06[new] `telega-chat-update-hook' - hook called when chat gets updateZajcev Evgeny3+19-8
2019-06-27 11:53[enh] pageBlockRelatedArticle: insert as one clickable buttonZajcev Evgeny1+42-37
2019-06-27 08:27[add] IV 2.0, support for pageBlockKickerZajcev Evgeny1+2-0
2019-06-27 08:22[fix] Formatting for pageBlockPullQuoteZajcev Evgeny2+50-16
2019-06-26 15:04[add] Initial support for richTextIcon in IV 2.0Zajcev Evgeny2+74-32
2019-06-26 13:40[new] telega-chat-set-title, command to set chat's titleZajcev Evgeny3+25-14
2019-06-25 15:21[fix] telega-chat.el: Do not load newer history when replying/forwarding/editing old messageZajcev Evgeny2+17-4
2019-06-22 10:50fix, typo in `telega-msg-observable-p'Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-06-21 15:47[fix] Animation messages might NOT have thumbnailZajcev Evgeny1+5-4
2019-06-21 06:48[new] telega-root-keep-cursor: Option to keep cursor position at chat on chat order changeZajcev Evgeny5+43-27
2019-06-20 15:32[add] `telega-chat-share-my-contact' command to share contact infoZajcev Evgeny5+151-120
2019-06-19 13:59[enh] telega.el: Now passes M-x checkdoc RETZajcev Evgeny5+29-16
2019-06-18 13:05design.txt updateZajcev Evgeny2+49-27
2019-06-17 16:42[feature] Group messages by sender, see `telega-msg-group-by-sender'Zajcev Evgeny4+31-9
2019-06-17 11:18[enh] telega-chat-delete, always (unconditionally) ask user permission to delete the chatZajcev Evgeny1+5-6
2019-06-14 14:51telega.el: Added keywords to bypass `package-lint-current-buffer'Zajcev Evgeny1+3-1
2019-06-14 melpa-style recipe updatedZajcev Evgeny1+4-2
2019-06-14 14:17[fix] telega-notifications: disable-notification removedZajcev Evgeny2+20-14
2019-06-14 13:27[fix] remaped self-insert-command in wrong keymapZajcev Evgeny2+1-1
2019-06-14 13:24[enh] Compiling `telega-sever` (if needed) on first start, see Evgeny10+74-66
2019-06-13 13:47Increased default server call timeout to 1 second, to make such long requests as "getDatabaseStatistics" workZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2019-06-13 12:48- Compilation tested, working, closes #35Zajcev Evgeny5+31-29
2019-06-11 10:57Added 0.4.0 screenshotsZajcev Evgeny1+7-6
2019-06-11 10:41[add] td-api-1.4.0.tlZajcev Evgeny1+3866-0
2019-06-11 09:05Merge branch 'twi-tdlib-140'Zajcev Evgeny41+17112-2278
2018-11-19 19:18Version -> 0.2.5Zajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2018-11-19 17:12Merge pull request #40 from zevlg/issue-39--msg-filterZajcev Evgeny5+138-38
2018-10-26 22:13telega-version -> 0.2.4Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-10-26 22:10[add] Support for tdlib's 1.3.0 addProxy via custom var telega-proxiesZajcev Evgeny3+37-2
2018-10-13 20:14Merge pull request #38 from wiedzmin/masterZajcev Evgeny1+3-2
2018-08-06 16:55Add /usr/local/include into CFLAGSZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-07-20 23:28telega-sever: Log incoming jsonZajcev Evgeny1+3-1
2018-07-16 Added link to message forwarding issueZajcev Evgeny1+1-11
2018-07-16 11:51[add] `telega-chat-read-all-mentions' added, closes #7Zajcev Evgeny1+19-6
2018-07-13 typofix, "repository"Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-07-12 13:40etc/chat_emacs_telega.svg: wider @emacs_telega textZajcev Evgeny1+76-72
2018-07-12 12:26telega.el: whitespaces cleanupZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-07-12 12:26telega-msg.el: Do not apply markdown formatting if it has errors, refs #5Zajcev Evgeny1+9-8
2018-07-10 15:55Merge pull request #30 from sarg/feature/default-markdownZajcev Evgeny1+12-3
2018-07-10 13:41etc/chat_emacs_telega.svg another try to display svgZajcev Evgeny1+54-29
2018-07-10 13:33etc/chat_emacs_telega.svg fixed viewbox sizeZajcev Evgeny1+3-3
2018-07-10 another try to render svgZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-07-10 use relative path to chat_emacs_telega.svgZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-07-10 chat icon added at the topZajcev Evgeny1+11-1
2018-07-10 13:13svg for chat@emacs_telega importedZajcev Evgeny1+169-0
2018-06-29 11:41design.txt: note about message highlihting modeZajcev Evgeny1+6-3
2018-06-28 16:31telega-filter.el: - [new] `/ o` to filter opened chatsZajcev Evgeny1+11-0
2018-07-09 15:51Version -> 0.2.3 fixes #31Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-07-09 15:50[add] `telega-chat-join-by-link' - Command to join chats by invitation linkZajcev Evgeny3+18-2
2018-07-09 12:45[fix] dessurogate first/last name when forming ava-h, prevents surrogated chars to appear in ava if first/last name starts from surrogate pairZajcev Evgeny4+29-10
2018-07-09 11:57[fix] Apply desurrogating when forming buffer name for chats, or when displaying notifications. So ugly symbols are not displayed and dbus won't failZajcev Evgeny5+74-49
2018-07-06 12:17telega-core.el: - FIX, remove properties from strings, so `prin1' will output strings in formart understandable by telega-serverZajcev Evgeny1+5-1
2018-07-06 10:31Version -> 0.2.0Zajcev Evgeny9+97-77
2018-07-06 10:27telega-server: - json/plist parsers/generators to make telega server interact with elisp using plisted sexps - version -> 0.2.0Zajcev Evgeny4+496-25
2018-07-01 12:33Add /usr/local/lib to rpath when linking to avoid loadingZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-07-01 11:13Merge pull request #27 from sarg/feature/generate-invite-linkZajcev Evgeny2+41-18
2018-06-26 12:00Merge pull request #21 from sarg/feature/revoke-messageZajcev Evgeny1+7-6
2018-06-25 11:39Merge pull request #18 from sarg/feature/photosZajcev Evgeny3+60-7
2018-06-25 10:55[add] deleting chat messages, fixes #15Zajcev Evgeny4+75-19
2018-06-21 - added Forwarding messages featureZajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2018-06-22 12:24Merge pull request #16 from sarg/fix-kill-messageZajcev Evgeny1+6-2
2018-06-21 added chat actions featureZajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2018-06-21 10:32Merge pull request #14 from sarg/masterZajcev Evgeny2+2-4
2018-06-20 19:02Merge pull request #13 from sarg/masterZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-06-20 16:51telega-msg.el: - Show (DU) as avatar for deleted usersZajcev Evgeny1+3-0
2018-06-20 added section about D-Bus notificationsZajcev Evgeny1+8-0
2018-06-19 12:55telega-filter.el: Filter out empty chats, fixes #10Zajcev Evgeny2+8-3
2018-06-19 11:23telega.el: Version -> 0.1.10Zajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2018-06-19 11:23* telega-root.el: - Use `telega-filter-chats' to check if chat should be listen in root buffer.Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-06-19 11:23* telega-info.el: Show member status for basicgroupsZajcev Evgeny1+15-11
2018-06-19 11:22* telega-filter.el: Filter out chats we are not member of, fixes #10Zajcev Evgeny1+21-17
2018-06-19 11:21* `telega-chat-buffer--killed' Send "closeChat" ignoring errors, fixes #12Zajcev Evgeny1+43-28
2018-06-14 11:10telega-msg.el: support for `messageContactRegistered' addedZajcev Evgeny1+5-1
2018-06-11 added couple of features to implementZajcev Evgeny1+3-0
2018-06-11 10:40telega-customize: - Use symbol for document that is available in iOS fontZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-06-11 10:40telega-msg.el: - Format `messageChatAddMembers' correctly, so there no more '--(UserName invited UserName to the group)--'Zajcev Evgeny1+28-23
2018-06-09 15:48telega.el: Version -> 0.1.9Zajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2018-06-09 15:46telega-msg.el: - [fix] Unevaluated strings was inlined in reply/edit format - [add] Formatting for messages with attached file - [add] support for `messageChatJoinByLink` messageZajcev Evgeny1+85-30
2018-06-09 15:44telega-info.el: - Use `telega-link-props' to create buttonsZajcev Evgeny1+4-4
2018-06-09 15:44telega-customize.el: - By default prompt for edit/reply is similiar as normal prompt - document symbol added - face for any links addedZajcev Evgeny1+14-4
2018-06-09 15:43telega-chat.el: - [minor] use `telega-save-excursion' instead of `save-excursion' to keep correct point positionZajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2018-06-09 15:41telega-core.el: - Routines to work with files added - [add] `telega-link-props', helper func to create telega linksZajcev Evgeny1+75-3
2018-06-09 15:28Use /usr/local/lib as library path when linking telega-serverZajcev Evgeny2+2-10
2018-06-09 syntax fixZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-06-09 - Removed Linux mention, Emacs and tdlib could run on Windows, macOS as wellZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-06-09 - added few features to implementZajcev Evgeny1+4-1
2018-06-09 - Features as task listZajcev Evgeny1+16-17
2018-06-09 - added mention for D-Bus notificationsZajcev Evgeny1+2-0
2018-06-09 11:05telega-server.el: - Added saving last error from tdlib into `telega-server--last-error', so command that got execution error could know what is happeningZajcev Evgeny1+7-4
2018-06-09 minor syntax fixesZajcev Evgeny1+7-6
2018-06-09 - make readme for friendly for newcomersZajcev Evgeny1+152-15
2018-06-04 16:09LICENSE initial importZajcev Evgeny1+674-0
2018-06-03 08:43design: * Show help on edit/replyZajcev Evgeny1+4-0
2018-06-03 08:39telega-chat.el: - [fix] No args in assert pleaseZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-06-03 08:27server: * Build `telega-server' before install, so "make install" will work without previous "make"Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-05-31 17:23Version 0.1.8Zajcev Evgeny7+565-271
2018-05-31 17:22* Code clarificationsZajcev Evgeny1+25-3
2018-05-28 22:31design.txt: Note about flyspell addedZajcev Evgeny1+4-0
2018-05-22 16:56etc/telegram-logo.svg: SVG telegram logo imported. For use with notificationsZajcev Evgeny1+18-0
2018-05-22 10:21telega-root.el: - [fix] keep the point location correctly. fix needed due to removal of `save-excursion' in `with-telega-root-buffer'Zajcev Evgeny1+1-0
2018-05-22 10:17telega-chat.el: - [enh] Honour updates for :last_read_outbox_message_id - [enh] Edited messages always format with full formatZajcev Evgeny1+17-1
2018-05-22 08:54telega.el: Version -> 0.1.7Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-05-22 08:54+ Display outgoing messages status, customized via `telega-symbol-msg-XXX'Zajcev Evgeny3+43-20
2018-05-22 08:52telega-chat.el: - Implement `telega--on-updateMessageSendSucceeded' so message-id updates successfully. Fixes message editing issueZajcev Evgeny1+13-0
2018-05-21 15:42telega-chat.el: - Do not use `telega-chat-prompt' face for the input marker seperatorZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-05-21 15:17telega.el: Version -> 0.1.6Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-05-21 15:17etc/telegram-msgin.wav:Zajcev Evgeny1+0-0
2018-05-21 15:14telega-chat.el: - Support for dynamic messages changes, such as: * Message content * Message edited * Message views - Send info about viewed messages - Send chat action, such as "typing.." - Support for edit/reply to messages - Few bugfixesZajcev Evgeny1+257-105
2018-05-21 15:07telega-msg.el: - Fixes in messages formatting - Support for reply/edit messagesZajcev Evgeny1+112-34
2018-05-21 15:06telega-info.el: - Use `telega-fmt-labeled-text' to format filled text with title - Show supergroups members if availableZajcev Evgeny1+48-23
2018-05-21 15:05telega-core.el: - Simplified code for the formatting - Fix formatting filled text - minor improvementsZajcev Evgeny1+131-90
2018-05-21 15:00design.txt: Notes about async loadingZajcev Evgeny1+10-0
2018-05-21 15:00telega-customize.el: - Few hooks added - For special symbols use `telega-symbol-XXX' namingZajcev Evgeny1+41-3
2018-05-21 14:48telega-root.el: - Remove `save-excursion' from `with-telega-root-buffer', use it explicitlyZajcev Evgeny1+36-33
2018-05-18 13:00test.el: - Check Emacs supports 62bit integeresZajcev Evgeny1+12-2
2018-05-18 13:00telega-server.el: - [enh] Avoid using `error' inside filter function. Because error in filter function causes emacs to sleep for 2 seconds as seen in process.c:read_process_output_error_handler functionZajcev Evgeny1+3-4
2018-05-18 12:57Merge pull request #2 from pkulev/patch-1Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-05-16 13:42telega.el: Version -> 0.1.5Zajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2018-05-16 13:41telega-chat.el: - Chatbufs for channels - [FIX] Send chat action correctly - [enh] Loading chat history in async mannerZajcev Evgeny2+83-56
2018-05-16 13:39telega-msg.el: - Formatting for channel messagesZajcev Evgeny1+16-2
2018-05-16 13:38telega-server.el: [FIX] Incorrect length used if multibyte string is resulted after `json-encode'Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-05-15 14:58telega-chat.el:Zajcev Evgeny2+4-3
2018-05-15 14:46telega-chat.el typofixesZajcev Evgeny1+4-4
2018-05-15 14:45telega-root.el: minor cleanup in `telega-root--chat-update'Zajcev Evgeny1+12-12
2018-05-15 14:44telega-msg.el: - `telega-msg-button--format-msg' now function that accepts custom fill prefixZajcev Evgeny1+3-3
2018-05-15 14:44telega-info.el: - Display pinned message using `telega-msg' buttonZajcev Evgeny1+10-6
2018-05-15 14:42telega-core.el: - [fix] Update marker position when button is moved, fixes "args out of range" problemZajcev Evgeny1+16-19
2018-05-15 14:40telega.el: - [fix] set proxy at right place - [fix] Display password hint correctlyZajcev Evgeny1+9-9
2018-05-14 20:21telega-core.el: - fix assert typoZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-05-14 20:17telega-chat.el: fix assert argsZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-05-14 19:42minorZajcev Evgeny1+7-0
2018-05-14 19:41telega-chat.el: - Initial commit to support chat buffersZajcev Evgeny1+468-68
2018-05-14 19:41telega-core.el: - Chat buffers added - Formatting enhancements and fixesZajcev Evgeny1+116-38
2018-05-14 19:41telega-customize.el: - Chat specific stuff add - Faces addedZajcev Evgeny1+112-1
2018-05-14 19:18telega-filter.el: - filter chats created by me - Interactive completions done rightZajcev Evgeny1+20-8
2018-05-14 19:17telega-info.el: code cleanup, enhancementsZajcev Evgeny1+28-13
2018-05-14 19:16telega-msg.el: - Timestamp formatting - :format is mandatory for message buttonsZajcev Evgeny1+130-13
2018-05-14 19:11telega.el: Show how many buffers to kill on exitZajcev Evgeny1+2-1
2018-05-14 19:11telega-root: remove unused stuff, binding for `telega-chat-with'Zajcev Evgeny1+1-56
2018-05-14 19:09design ideas updateZajcev Evgeny1+52-3
2018-05-04 14:36telega-msg.el initial import, message stuffZajcev Evgeny1+65-0
2018-05-04 14:35telega-chat: - [fix] Fetch pinned message for channels as wellZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-05-04 14:23telega-root: - Binding `? s' to list active sesssions - Binding `? t' to describe terms of useZajcev Evgeny2+80-7
2018-05-04 14:22telega-chat: - Improved formatter for chat buttons - minor improvementsZajcev Evgeny2+78-15
2018-05-04 14:22telega-core: - Date formatting added, according to design.txtZajcev Evgeny1+39-14
2018-05-04 13:42telega.el: - `telega-socks5-proxy' Support for socks5 proxyZajcev Evgeny2+51-13
2018-05-04 13:39[fix] design.txt: generic date format should by DD.MM.YYZajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2018-05-03 18:42telega-core: - [fix] `telega--tl-bool' was returning `t' for unset propertiesZajcev Evgeny2+10-1
2018-05-03 18:26version -> 0.1.4Zajcev Evgeny9+165-38
2018-04-28 22:13get rid of autoload shitZajcev Evgeny4+1-4
2018-04-28 22:13telega-filter.el: Filter by enabled notifications addedZajcev Evgeny1+16-14
2018-04-28 14:33[fix] order chats correctly [fix] fetching info/full-info correctlyZajcev Evgeny10+411-310
2018-04-28 08:39* telega-server.el: - Functions call errors handling added - [fix] correctly wait for synchronous function call, functional call may trigger process filter function multiple timesZajcev Evgeny1+15-7
2018-04-28 00:01* telega-core.el: Commentary added to `telega-button--redisplay'Zajcev Evgeny1+4-1
2018-04-28 00:00telega-filter.el - fix: reset undolist when new active filters list is pushed - fix: telega-filter-by-pin interactivityZajcev Evgeny1+2-0
2018-04-27 22:30* Custom `telega-filter-custom-expand' parameter to expand custom filter when one is added to active filters. Default=falseZajcev Evgeny1+14-3
2018-04-27 21:32- full-info stuff added - show button help (with :help-format) when navigating with forward/backward - `i' in root buffer already usable - More telage--on-XX stuff added, `/ u' filter should work, fixes #1Zajcev Evgeny4+126-43
2018-04-27 21:27[fix] telega-root: fix error raising in `telega-root--redisplay'Zajcev Evgeny1+10-12
2018-04-27 16:53- button navigation forward/backward - keep point at current button on root redisplayZajcev Evgeny4+64-33
2018-04-27 added link to the telegram groupZajcev Evgeny1+4-0
2018-04-27 00:51+ support for Two-Factor password auth addedZajcev Evgeny2+17-1
2018-04-27 00:13telega-server: typofix ~/.telega1 -> ~/.telegaZajcev Evgeny1+2-2
2018-04-26 16:13* telega-user.el: typofix, use newline to separate groups in commonZajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-04-26 16:05* telega-fmt moved to telega-core * get rid of widget based code * use button based ui for root buffer * M-x telega RET already can be used!Zajcev Evgeny12+533-423
2018-04-24 23:17design.txt: Status transition ideaZajcev Evgeny1+9-4
2018-04-24 22:58- stick to filter-based design, see design.txt - telega-status introduced instead of telega-root-state - Nice animation for "ing" statuses - M-x telega RET is always okay to run - started importing formatting routines, see design.txt for detailsZajcev Evgeny5+286-82
2018-04-24 22:55telega-customize.el: - link to github addedZajcev Evgeny1+2-1
2018-04-24 22:53design.txt: - !! multilined images - more design ideas imported - [typo] fixd date format specificationZajcev Evgeny1+17-9
2018-04-24 22:51* telega-server.el: - Show process starting problems as status - Always check exec-path for telega-server binaryZajcev Evgeny1+12-9
2018-04-24 12:44+ test.el added + Makefile added + updatedZajcev Evgeny4+77-6
2018-04-23 19:01design.txt: more design ideasZajcev Evgeny1+75-1
2018-04-23 19:01Reworked code organizationZajcev Evgeny9+769-268
2018-04-22 10:34design.txt: - Affordable design with ibuffer-like filtersZajcev Evgeny1+49-9
2018-04-21 23:07Resorted the codeZajcev Evgeny8+572-439
2018-04-19 21:49server/telega-server.c: - `exec' command removed, telega implements callbacks functionality - Version -> 0.1.4Zajcev Evgeny1+3-5
2018-04-19 21:44telega-users, telega-chats initial importZajcev Evgeny5+354-33
2018-04-19 21:43design.txt: - plain design for Telega:Root - special symbols and chat brackets - chats designZajcev Evgeny1+58-8
2018-04-19 13:38- Version -> 0.1.3 - M-x telega RET can be used to successfully log into telegram - telega-notifications.el initial importZajcev Evgeny3+263-48
2018-04-19 13:32server/telega-server: - fixes to read commands correctly - Version -> 0.1.3Zajcev Evgeny1+7-7
2018-04-18 08:36fixes for telega-serverZajcev Evgeny1+6-3
2018-04-17 14:00[add] telega-root.el: initial import [add] telega.el: - Parser for the json from telega-server - Basis for the event processing subsystemZajcev Evgeny2+243-19
2018-04-17 13:58* design.txt added for the UI ideasZajcev Evgeny1+38-0
2018-04-17 13:22* server/telega-server: Version -> 0.1.1Zajcev Evgeny1+1-1
2018-04-17 13:22* server/telega-server: - Force flushing stdout - Handling SIGHUP, which is sent by emacs when buffer associated with the process is killedZajcev Evgeny1+16-1
2018-04-12 16:24Moved from FFI version to tdlib basedZajcev Evgeny6+242-510
2017-01-18 23:25[add] libevent.el - FFI bindings to libevent initial importZajcev Evgeny4+393-20
2016-11-30 17:20libtgl - ffi interface to libtgl telega - Telegram clientZajcev Evgeny2+216-0
2016-11-16 15:53Initial commitZajcev Evgeny1+2-0